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Best Books to Read Before (or After) your Trip to Barcelona

On every trip I take I like to grab a book from where I have been.  I think it can help uncover the deeper insider feel to the city that we often look for when traveling.  More than just walking … Read More

Top-10 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Quarantine Ideas

What to do when it feels like we can’t do anything The prospect of being “trapped” inside for an undefined amount of time scares a lot of people.  The news and talk shows are constantly interviewing psychologists and experts about … Read More

Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 I write this to share my personal experience with what is, and has been, happening as a sort of catharsis and an attempt to keep up with what I would be doing (leading awesome tours), were we not practicing … Read More

Coronavirus COVID-19

At the time of writing Spain has a total of 5,700 cases of people that have tested positive for the coronavirus and 180 confirmed deaths.  These numbers are rapidly changing and the prognostics are to be at 10,000 infected in … Read More

Best Irish Pubs in Barcelona to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

I have always loved the Spanish tradition of congratulating each person on their patron saint day.  I especially love that everyone is out to celebrate mine!  Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and to help you celebrate the … Read More