Catalonia Through the Ages: Exploring History at the Museum of Catalonia

Injured, the Count of Barcelona, Wilfred the Hairy, lies wounded on the battlefield as Louis the Pious approaches to thank him for his bravery. “How can I ever repay you?”, he asks. “I need an emblem for my golden shield”, … Read More

They closed all the bars and restaurants in Barcelona: here’s what Barcelona looks like | COVID-19 measures

As the number of cases continue to rise, The Catalan Government took some pretty drastic measures on Friday the 16th of October; the closed all restaurants and bars throughout the region until the end of the month.  They are only … Read More

What to do in Barcelona | October 2020

5 plans the October 2020 in Barcelona.  Summer is definitely over, but the sun is still out and the weather is great.  While some events have been canceled, plenty of them are still going on this October for you to … Read More

Alquézar (Aragón) | One of Spain’s Most Beautiful Villages

Transcript: Today we’re visiting Alquézar in Huesca, Aragón.  One of Spain’s most beautiful villages… What’s up guys? Patrick here, Tour Guide and Your Guide to Barcelona and more. If you’re new here, my channel is all about helping you get … Read More

Things to do in Barcelona | September 2020

What to do in Barcelona this September 2020.  September is the best month to be in Barcelona.  The weather is at it’s best and some of the best activities and festivals have arrived.  While it is the end of the … Read More