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Barcelona during COVID-19: Park Güell and NO tourists!

In 2013 Barcelona planned to lower the number of people coming to the Park Güell by implementing an entrance fee.  The number of visitors had climbed to 9 million people a year and after the new measures had already dropped … Read More

Barcelona during COVID-19: Las Ramblas and NO tourists!

The Rambla has become the place for everybody to come and take a walk. The one street that Loca said he wished would never end. Let’s take advantage while nobody’s here to take a stroll down Barcelona’s most famous avenue. … Read More

Barcelona’s 1936 People’s Olympics

Not many people know that 1992 was actually the 5th time Barcelona had tried to win the Olympic bid; 1936 was the only other time that Barcelona actually planned to host the Olympic Games. In 1936 Barcelona came in second … Read More

Canaletes Fountain on Las Ramblas

If your visiting Barcelona, Las Ramblas is a must see place to be! Here at the top, La Rambla de Canaletes we’ve got the Canaletes Fountain, famous meeting spot for all Barcelona supporters to come and celebrate those championship wins!  … Read More

Check out this video from La Vanguardia: Barcelona in times of quarantine