Alquézar (Aragón) | One of Spain’s Most Beautiful Villages


Today we’re visiting Alquézar in Huesca, Aragón.  One of Spain’s most beautiful villages…

What’s up guys? Patrick here, Tour Guide and Your Guide to Barcelona and more. If you’re new here, my channel is all about helping you get prepared for your next trip to Barcelona, or Spain in general, while uncovering to all those amazing places that this country has to offer! Today we’re heading outside of Barcelona, out of Catalonia to the region next door, Aragon.  Specifically Alquezar, a magical town that seems like it’s frozen in time, the perfect place that I love to visit. So if you like the video check out some other that I have on my channel and don’t forget to subscribe to see more videos about what you can do to see the best of Barcelona and Spain as a whole!

Alquézar has been one of Spain’s most beautiful villages since 2015, and it’s easy to see why.  The name comes from the Arabic Al-Qasr or Alcazar which was a fortress or castle. You might see these more in the south where Muslim influence lasted longer, so having an entire town with this name lets you know exactly what its purpose was in the past: a fortress. 

The town dates back to  the 9th century and was a military point under Jalaf Ibn Rasid to protect Barbastro from the Christian in the east. Taken by King Sancho Ramirez in the 11th century, the town began to expand and the fortress was turned into a collegiate church in 1099. 

One of the four main entrances left to get inside of the city.  Check it out.

All around Alquézar they have these things called callizos.  Basically additions to the houses that added even more space.  They say that what you could do was walk from one end of the town to the other without ever touching the ground.

During the Middle Ages the idea of witches really scared a lot of people and as a form of protection, wild boars ???? hooves were placed above the entrances of many homes to keep  their spells away. You can still find some of these hanging on houses! 

The thing you have to do is visit the Collegiate Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was remodeled in the 16th century but was originally consecrated in the 11th century. It’s cloister dates to the 14th century and has some really great artwork within. Tours are lead daily throughout at a price of just 2.5€!

What you’ll find on the inside is a mix of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and even Mudéjar style architecture, something not very common in a lot if these churches in the area.  

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed a little tour of Alquezar. If you liked the video don’t forget to hit the thumbs up and subscribe for more videos about some of Spain’s best villages and towns!

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