My Mission

Provide fun and informative tours and experiences in and around Barcelona so eager travelers can really get to know what the city is all about .

My Story

After finishing my Bachelor's degree in History at the University of Illinois, I called up my mom and told her about my plan to got to Spain for a year and practice my Spanish before heading back home to Chicago. That was in 2010. I had basically narrowed the cities down to Barcelona and Madrid, but really had no idea which was the better option. I only had my first month in Barcelona planned out, at which point after visiting Madrid around I would decide where I would spend the year. In that first month I never made it to Madrid. I knew I wanted to stay longer so I went back to school and after finishing a Masters in Entrepreneurial Studies at the Autonomous Univeristy of Barcelona, I returned to my true passion and studied a post graduate degree at the University of Barcelona in Intellectual History of Barcelona. All of this really helped me to put the pieces of the city together and get a feel for Barcelona. This question kept presenting itself to me, "How can I share all that I have learned about Barcelona with travelers?" In 2017, I started Patrick Guide Barcelona to help eager travelers enjoy the city as much as I have through its History, Stories, Legends, Food and more. All these years later I am still here trying to learn all I can about Barcelona and continuing to improve my knowledge so I can provide even better experiences to guests of the city. I am currently finishing my final year of a degree in Tourism with the aim to better my tours and become and official guide in various Autonomous Communities through out Spain. At the same time I am completing a course through the History Museum of Barcelona (MUHBA) entitled 'Relats Urbans', all about the creation of routes and itineraries in Barcleona.

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