Best Books to Read Before (or After) your Trip to Barcelona

On every trip I take I like to grab a book from where I have been.  I think it can help uncover the deeper insider feel to the city that we often look for when traveling.  More than just walking … Read More

Patrick Guide Barcelona presents Fun with Flags Episode 4: La Bandera Negra

October’s sentences handed down by the Spanish Supreme for the Catalan Political Prisoners had thousands take to the streets in protest; and with protests means… more flags!  Around that time I was getting quite a few questions about the various … Read More

Barcelona’s First Olympic Winner

It’s true, a record 13 gold medals, and 22 overall were won by Spain in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, the most the country had ever seen during the modern Games.  But, when was the first medal won by a … Read More

“The Olympics that Never Were”

On the eve of the anniversary of the opening of the 1992 Olympic Games, I thought it would be interesting to focus on one of Barcelona’s other (and most interesting) Olympic bids: the 1936 Olympic Games, or, the Olympics that … Read More

Patrick Guide Barcelona Presents Fun with Flags Episode 3: The Barcelona Flag

Its time for another episode of Fun with Flags!  After explaining the Catalan flag in our first episode and its Independence spinoff, La Estelada, in our second; it is time to talk about the flag of the city.  The Barcelona … Read More