Aerobús Barcelona

Since I moved to Barcelona my preferred method of transportation has always been the Aerobús.  In my opinion there is no easier way to get to and from Barcelona’s El Prat airport.  Other modes exist but for time, price, and overall ease nothing beats the Aerobús.  With two different lines that run to both terminals at El Prat it makes for a more relaxed journey of to whichever terminal you leave from and its convenient stop in Plaça Catalunya, right in the center of Barcelona, is very well connected to wherever you need to go. Tickets can be purchased online or at the bus terminal ahead of your ride.  A single ticket costs just 5.90€ while a return ticket is only 10.20€.

The map above shows the different stops both to and from the airport that make getting to other parts of the city easy as well, Plaça Espanya is also another popular stop for those of you not staying directly in the center to begin at Plaça Catalunya.  Stops are announced in English, Spanish, and Catalan throughout the ride with interesting information about the city displayed throughout, giving you ideas for your trip.

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