Game of Thrones Exhibition

I had been planning on visiting the Game of Thrones Exhibition at the Maritime Museum since it’s inauguration in October, when the traveling exhibit opened to the World. Seeing it was set to close the 7th of January, I finally found the time to get there January 5th. The good news is that the Iron Throne isn’t leaving Barcelona as early as previously expected and will stay until March 11th. So you Game of Thrones fans can still go and check out sets, costumes, and activities from the show.

The price for admission is 17€ for an adult on a weekday and 20€ on the weekends (no student discounts available) with a possibility of purchasing an audio guide for an extra 6€.  I went with my friend, Alex, and having both read the books and seen the show, decided to brave Westeros ourselves and not to use the audio guide.

There are no spoilers per say, but if you haven’t seen all the seasons, there is video footage and props from the throughout the series, so be aware. There are costumes from many of the characters from all the big houses, along with artifacts and weapons used throughout filming and even an updated family tree within the series (SPOILER ALERT!)

Various items from shooting, including Danerys’ three dragon eggs.

Big GoT series fans should have some fun with the different photo opportunities through out the exhibit that let you take part in some the action and were my personal favorite part. Show everyone you are man of your word and be the one to carry out the sentence you pass out. Set sail to Bravoos and become one of the masked men.  Venture across the Wall and try to scale it yourself (or atleast not fall off). Take part in the Battle of the Bastards.

I don’t think the average GoT fan and tourist visiting Barcelona has to see the exhibit, but those bigger fans should have a good time. The photos are what made the exhibit for me, adding a bit of fun to the otherwise museum of costumes and props. The most creative was the Hall of Faces where you can take a picture (eyes closed) with the iPad they offer and become part of the wall! (See above)

Upon entering you take a photo flying  on top of one of the dragons, and upon exiting the exhibit on the Iron Throne. I spoke with someone who had heard the photos cost 30€ and hadn’t gone because of that. While not as expensive as the quote above, each photo will run you 12€.

Little tip for those of you looking to take photo on the Iron Throne and take it with you, instead of paying for the photo they museum sells, exit the gift shop and you have a second throne waiting there for free!  You can even have a photo shoot!

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