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Bunkers Barcelona Views

Barcelona is breathtaking, a city between the mountains and the sea has all you could ask for in terms of views. If you’re looking for that great picture and some things to do while there, here are my top places for views of Barcelona:

Park Güell
Bunkers in Carmel

In selecting the order, I took into account both the view and extra activities in the area. Read on to find which best suits your needs…


Before the city of Barcelona was founded this was where an original settlement was placed. Coming from the term Jewish Mountain, this is historically where the Jewish buried their dead. It still is home to a large cemetery on the southern side. Looking into the city from the sea, you can see up to the Collserolla mountain range.

Why I rank this number one is that unlike the other points of view, there are a plethora of activities in the area. You have a list of museums in the vicinity: the Joan Miró Museum, the Olympic Museum, the National Art Museum of Catalunya (MNAC), the Caixa Forum and Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village). You even have the Montjuic Castle! All of these options allow for some nice time spent while up on Montjüic.

The Olympic Stadium, Swimming Pool and Palau Sant Jordi  all left from those 1992 Olympics that made Barcelona such a desirable destination are all still there to see as well!

Cable car from San Sebastián beach 11 euros one-way, 16.50 round trip
-metro to plaza espanya walk up (L1 or L3)
-metro plaza espanya tmb bus 150
-metro parallel (L2 or L3) take funicular

Park Güell

This one is on everyone’s list anyway. When it was a free visit, I would have definitely sent people here one hundred percent, the 7/8 euro entrance fee gets people to start thinking a bit. The good news is you can still see the Park for free. The entrance fee only gets you to the Monumental Zone. I have always thought the free section was the best part, and it definitely has the best views.

The idea of the Park was supposed to be an opportunity for the wealthiest residents in Barcelona to be able to live in a more secluded area in the upper part of the newly expanded Barcelona. The two houses you will see when you get there were the only two constructed (there were a projected 60…). That monumental zone consists of those two houses, the market and the public square, and the main entrance to the community. The free section has the roads to connect the houses to the center and the planned upon chapel, which is now three stone crosses on top of a megalith. This has always been my favorite part of the Park and the area that supplies the best views of he city. Views up over Barcelona and out to the sea.

Metro L3 to Lesseps and walk (many escalators along the way)
TMB bus H6, 32, 24, 92 (Bus 24 leaves from Plaza Catalunya)

Bunkers of El Carmel (Turó de la Rovira)

I almost feel bad putting this on the list because it used to be such a secluded area without tourists; but the cat’s out of the bag and it is by far the best view of Barcelona you are going to get. The only trouble is there is not much to do around it. When you get the the area you will see a very different part of the city from the Barcelona you see in all the pictures. Nothing wrong with it, just a much more secluded area. The Bunkers now have a section of the History Museum of Barcelona (MUHBA) as this was a place that dealt with enemy attack during the Civil War. Now a great place to watch the sun set and have a picnic with breathtaking views of Barcelona. (Featured Image)

Metro L5 El Carmel and walk or Bus V17 or 119
If you are already at Park Güell, a 25 minute walk out the northwest exit.


Similar to The Bunkers in the sense that it is further out than the other two and takes a bit more time to get to. The view to me has always been similar to that of Park Güell’s but higher up. The connection of FGC train to Tibidabo, a tram, and finally a Funicular does take time (you also have a nice walk ahead of you if you like) but doesn’t disappoint. After all this is be place according to legend where the Devil offered Jesus everything the name TIBIDABO is a play on “to you I will give it all”. Can’t be bad views! There is an amusement park on top with kids and of course the Sacred Heart Church made by the least talked about modernist architect, Enric Sagnier!

FGC tibidabo, tram, funicular
I could explain more, but I think this page does it best:…/plan-your-visit/how-to-get-here/…

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