Can Paixano (La Xampanyeria)

Take a look at the The Patrick Guide and you will see the list of some of my preferred restaurants and spots in the city. It is not in order per say, but that first recommendation is their for a reason. Can Paixano is one of the first places I was introduced to when I came to Barcelona, and seven years later I am still visiting this place.

Found in the Barceloneta neighborhood on Carrer Reina Cristina 7 (and now in the Encants Market), Can Paixano is a place I take everyone that comes to visit and they always want to go back before their time in Barcelona has ended.

Since 1969, Can Paixano has offered both residents and tourists alike a traditional Barcelona bar atmosphere where you can enjoyment Catalan and Spanish sausages or different sandwiches with some cava. Cava is sparkling wine made in Catalunya, Valencia and even La Rioja. Cava, unlike champagne is made for the people and can be very inexpensive and here the cheapest house bottle can run you around €6.50 for a rosé. It is from this drink that Can Paixano derives its better known nickname, La Xampanyeria.

The cava is great, especially if you come with friends, but what you come to Can Paixano for are the sandwiches, and we are talking a cost of 2-4€ for some incredible eats. My favorite sandwiches to order are the:

Blanc i Negre Gengant the Black and White Giant which is Morcilla (blood sausage) and Butifarra (catalan white sausage) together in an incredibly filling sandwich.

Hamburguesa con beicon y pepinillo a hamburger with bacon and pickles. My first suggested order at La Xampanyeria. A classic.

Really cannot go wrong at this place. There are no chairs and it does get quit busy in a relatively cramped space, but that only make the atmosphere all the more exciting. If you want to go and avoid the crowds, try going before two or after four and before nine in the evening when the crowds are highest.

Their are no chairs and he space is small, but if you are looking for a traditional meal in Barcelona, this is one of the best. One of my favorite things is that they openly (or at least I have always been told) allow and support leavin your wrappers and napkins on the floor.

This is a place you shouldn’t miss if visiting Barcelona.

Carrer Reina Cristina 7 (check the link above for Google Maps)

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