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The chance to practice my Spanish and live one year in Barcelona prompted a move from Chicago in 2010.  Eight years, a post-graduate degree in Intellectual History of Barcelona, and thousands of plates of patatas bravas and I am still here hoping to share my experiences with you. 

Barcelona’s incredible beauty, livley cutlure, and tumultuous history had me hitting the streets and the books to find out all I could about my new adopted city.

I began giving private tours and working with several different tour companies to help this visiting the city truly take advantage of their time here.  As many times, I am the first contact with the city I want to to come away with a feeling of getting to know Barcelona’s story.  

Whether it’s uncovering the mysteries of the medieval Gothic and Born neighborhoods, discovering the meaning behind the architectural masterpieces Gaudí and his contemporaries were erecting during the Modernism period in the Eixample, or seeing the transformation of the city after the 1992 Olympic Games, a walk with me will leave you with a better understanding of the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’.

Every city has a story, let me tell you Barcelona’s…




Sant Jordi 2019

It’s getting close to that time of the year again! My favorite day in Barcelona.  Better than birthdays.  Better than Christmas! It’s almost April 23rd, which means it’s almost time for the celebration of Saint Read more…

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